My name is Mr Tiria and I'm the Whanau Head for Amo. I moved down to Wellington, started my teaching career and my time at NNC in 2015, which was a huge year for me. I was the Learning Advisor for 9/10/11/12ATA until I became Whanau Head in the middle of 2018.
My favourite things about Amo Whānau is that we have a diverse mix of students and teachers - different ethnicities, religions, identities, perspectives and experiences of the world that help make our LARs richer and more enjoyable. I was lucky to have awesome students, former Whānau Heads and Learning Advisors in Amo to help me understand the values of Te Whānau Tahi during my time at NNC and I hope to pass that through the Amo cohorts coming through. Amo to the oti!


Tokomanawa is lead by Ms Millar. During my time at NNC Tokomanawa has been lead by many people. Tokomanawa is the heart of the TWT marae. I don't really know much about Tokomanawa really, so I'll leave the description up to Ms Millar!


Korurus' Whanau Head is Ms Taeao. Koruru is the head of the TWT marae, doing the thinking! Koruru has also had mayn Whanau heads over my tinme here, so again, I don't know much about this teacher... I can tell you that our current head girl Leah is from Koruru!


Well, this statement is 100% going to have to wait for Ms Fletcher... I know nothing about Maihi! All I know is that Maihi is the arms of the TWT marae, holding us together.